New York (CNN Business)Richard Branson, the British billionaire as well as entrepreneur, late Thursday that he would attempt to visit area on July 11, simply nine days before the globe’s wealthiest man, Jeff Bezos, will certainly make his very own spaceflight. Even as he successfully, Branson rejected the notion of it being a “race” and also went so much as to welcome his fellow billionaire to come watch.The Virgin

Galactic owner told CNN Business in a Friday meeting that his regarding making his long-awaited journey to outer space next week on a Virgin Galactic spaceplane was a coincidence, and also had nothing to do with Bezos’s timing. Bezos stated last month he would fly on July 20 aboard a rocket constructed by his own room firm, Blue Origin.

“I do not understand for certain specifically when Jeff Bezos is going, he might determine to go before us, however I honestly do not see this as an area race,” Branson told CNN Business’ Rachel Crane. “I would love for Jeff to come and see our flight off whenever it takes place. I would certainly enjoy to go and also see him enter his trip, as well as I assume both of us will want each various other well.”

Considering that the very early 2000s, Branson and Bezos have been contending to create, examination and also launch suborbital rockets that can take rich thrillseekers on short, 2,300-mile-per-hour flights a few loads miles over Earth. And their efforts have actually long been mounted as a “billionaire space race.”

SpaceX Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk’s name is likewise commonly tossed around in the “space race” game, however the orbital rockets SpaceX develops are even more effective than the suborbital tourist rockets built by Branson and also Bezos, requiring more infrastructure to launch. Musk has claimed little about his personal area aspirations past that he would certainly “such as to pass away on Mars– just out impact.”

In interviews, Branson has actually consistently stated he’s not interested in any type of kind of planetary race. But his strategy to get to space on July 11 was not part of the testing roadmap outlined earlier this year by Virgin Galactic. He told CNN, nonetheless, that any pointer that Virgin Galactic may be jeopardizing safety in an initiative to get Branson to space prior to Bezos is “totally incorrect.”

“You have actually reached keep in mind that Virgin Galactic has individuals on every spaceflight … The fact that I want to fly with those individuals shows confidence,” Branson stated. “I think the least the owner of the firm can do is go up there and also fly with his people.”

Virgin Galactic’s room aircraft, called SpaceShipTwo, has been in development for more than a decade, and it operates much in different ways than Blue Beginning’s fully independent rocket that takes off vertically from a launch pad.

SpaceShipTwo takes off from an airplane runway connected below the wing of a substantial, custom-made quad-jet double-fuselage mothership understood as WhiteKnightTwo. Once the mothership gets to concerning 40,000 feet, the rocket-powered airplane is dropped from in between WhiteKnightTwo’s fuselages, as well as discharges up its engine and swoops straight up, increasing approximately greater than 3 times the speed of audio, or 2,300 miles an hour.Once it reaches

the really leading of its flight course, it hangs, suspended in microgravity, as it turns onto its stomach prior to moving back down to a path touchdown. From launch to touchdown, the entire journey takes roughly an hour.

Virgin Galactic had actually intended to start flying clients years ago, however its advancement program was held up by several incidents, consisting of a 2014 examination fight accident that caused the death of a co-pilot.

Still, greater than 600 individuals have actually consented to pay between $200,000 and $250,000 to schedule a seat aboard one of the business’s area aircrafts, and Virgin Galactic said it’s anticipating an enormous increase of brand-new ticket orders when it resumes sales– at a greater cost factor– in the close to future.Bezos ‘Blue Origin

has actually not yet started offering tickets to the public, however one seat on Bezos’approaching trip will certainly be taken by a public auction winner who accepted pay $28 million. The auction winner has not yet been named, but she or he will fly together with Bezos, his bro Mark Bezos, and Wally Funk, an 82-year-old pilot and also one of the”Mercury 13″in the 1960s yet was never ever given the possibility to fly.After Branson’s trip, Virgin Galactic is anticipated to conduct one more examination flight that will certainly hold an Italian Flying force research objective before starting commercial procedures.

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