by Courtney Mares

Vatican City, Jul 5, 2021/ 04:20 am

Pope Francis is expected to spend the next week in healthcare facility as he recuperates from intestinal surgery, according to the Vatican.

“His Sanctity Pope Francis is in excellent general problem, alert as well as breathing automatically,” Vatican representative Matteo Bruni told reporters on July 5.

The pope underwent a surgery at Rome’s Gemelli Hospital on July 4 to ease stricture of the colon brought on by diverticulitis.

The surgery lasted for about 3 hrs as well as consisted of a hemicolectomy, which is the elimination of the left component of the colon.

The treatment was brought out under basic anesthesia. Dr. Sergio Alfieri performed the surgical treatment with the help of 9 other medical professionals.

Colonic stricture, additionally called constriction, is a problem in which part of the huge intestinal tract ends up being narrower than normal. It can end up being hazardous if it is too slim to allow food safely pass through.

Diverticulitis, a common problem that involves the formation of small lumps or cavities on the wall of the colon, can create the stricture.

Recovery from diverticulitis surgical treatment normally includes a hospital remain of approximately a week and also a minimum of an additional 2 weeks of restricted activity.

As of July 5, there are no major occasions arranged on Pope Francis’ public schedule for the upcoming weeks. The pope typically suspends his general target markets during July.

At the age of 84, Pope Francis has just had one other procedure during his 8 years as pope. He last underwent an operation in 2019, for cataracts.

Previously this year, the pope was forced to miss a number of public events due to a reoccurrence of the sciatic pain that struck him at the end of 2020. Francis has experienced from the painful problem for numerous years.

After his personal doctor passed away from problems associated to COVID-19 in January, Pope Francis assigned internalist Roberto Bernabei as his medical professional.

Bernabei is a professional in aging and supervisor of the School of Expertise in Geriatrics at the Catholic College of the Sacred Heart in Rome. He was present in the surgical collection during the pope’s intestinal tract surgery in Gemelli hospital.

The Catholic healthcare facility and also clinical institution has treated various other popes and Catholic figures, consisting of John Paul II after he was shot in an assassination effort as well as Mother Teresa, who was dealt with in the facility’s cardiology division.

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