If the Huge 12 were to liquify, what would occur to Kansas? Is the Kansas football program attractive enough to aid the Jayhawks land in an excellent conference?It was a normal

hot summertime day in the Midwest a small breeze, yet general absolutely nothing out of the normal. The day advanced forward as well as if you have an analogue clock the second hand ticked away. As it became mid afternoon it was as if time stood still as news is reported by the an unmanned university authorities specified a statement would be made in the next a number of weeks pertaining to Oklahoma and also Texas joining the SEC.Fast forward to July 22nd as well as around 11 AM: The Longhorns and

Sooners have actually gotten to out to the SEC regarding leaving the Huge 12 and joining thecountry’s most effective conference, sources inform CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd. Citing “an upper-level college official with expertise of the scenario,”the Houston Chronicle’s Brent Zwerneman initially reported Wednesday that the SEC could introduce the additions of the Longhorns and also Sooners “within a couple of weeks.”Yes, things may relocate that swiftly. Whether they will certainly is one more thing altogether.Changing seminars is a challenging task that will certainly not just come down to choices of the programs however also cash. OU and UT are secured into the Huge 12’s give of rights permitting the conference to manage the television item of its games through 2025. The SEC would certainly additionally need to enact the affirmative to add the programs in the initial place.If this were to take place that would leave the Huge 12 with just 8 groups in overall(Kansas, Baylor, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Texas Tech, TCU, and West Virginia).”If Texas as well as Oklahoma do make an official relocate the direction away from the Big 12 to join the SEC, some around the industry are currently beginning to suggest it would certainly be a landscape-shifting occasion on the range of the Supreme Court’s 1984 decision that enabled institutions and conferences to make their very own media legal rights deals instead of going with the NCAA.”” Yahoo! Sports ‘Pete Thamel writes that we must anticipate the Huge 12 to”be hostile in adding schools,”should the Longhorns and Sooners be on the means out. As well as that gets a call depends on just how huge the conference wishes to get. Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Utah, Cincinnati, UCF, USF, BYU as well as Boise State were all stated in his mid-day

update, with a note that Houston and SMU could be attractive candidates though Baylor as well as Texas Technology may oppose more in-state competition.One line of thinking appears to be that the Huge 12 would certainly get on the ropes without its two main brand names, however this record indicates more of a domino and also food chain effect then marking completion of the meeting as we understand it. Of program, those potential candidates would have to state yes as well as be persuaded to join an organization that’s mosting likely to head into media legal rights negotiations(hypothetically)

in a much various state.” So what does this mean for Kansas considered that the Kansas football group isn’t all that great?KU is known for their blue blood basketball group and also the affordable nature they have every single year. On the contrary hand we have a having a hard time football program that since the 2007-2008 period has shown little to no success. In this day and age football is the bread as well as butter. The cash maker of college athletics.So, must things start to untangle with the

Big 12, here are a few options for where the Kansas football team could land.Kansas football: Where

would the Jayhawks land if the Big 12 breaks down must Texas as well as Oklahoma wind up in the Southeastern Conference?Can the Big 12 find a couple of new participants, allowing the Kansas football group stay right where it is?If the Huge 12 takes care of to hold on with the 8 teams after the separation of Oklahoma and Texas, I wish to see some of these colleges to sign up with. Several would likely come from the American Athletic Conference.Cincinnati has actually been reported for several years to always be an option of signing up with the Huge 12

even before West Virginia joined the conference. A few more of those schools are interesting like Houston and also Memphis, and also SMU. I might also see a few teams from the Hill West. In the end, it is going to be tough completing versus 3 power home conferences in the SEC, Political action committee 12, and the Large 10. Would certainly the Huge 10 be a great option for the Kansas Jayhawks?This would be such a substantial step for Kansas University, and ideally several of the various other staying institutions can join this conference creating an also more competitive organization than we currently have actually seen. This would certainly not be a great scenario for an already struggling Kansas football program. Particularly thinking about the similarity Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, and also Wisconsin, simply to name a few.But the other way around from a basketball perspective this would certainly be extremely amazing to compete versus these schools annually. The considerable matches that would be on the television throughout the basketball season

would certainly be legendary. The greatest concern is would certainly the Large 1o intend to add KU for just the pedigree of basketball.Pac 12 This is an extremely similar circumstance with the Big 10 implying great football programs are housed within the Special-interest group 12. KU would be inserting a really fresh and also raw football program right into the Political action committee 12 where they would certainly challenge versus the sort of Oregon, Stanford, USC, UCLA, Cal, and also several others.

I think KU would certainly have the upper leg on the various other groups when it pertains to a solid basketball program.Of course this is a lot bigger because of the range of sports, television offers, traveling time, as well as a great deal of other little bits and also pieces. I assume it is an exciting time yet additionally a possible agitated time if this realignment or befalling takes place.

I would

be very thinking about your thoughts as well as what you think will certainly take place.

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