Lil Uzi Vert just recently exposed he had turned 26 and not 27 after he uncovered his birth certification. In the middle of this, followers had been asking yourself if the rapper would certainly sign up with the 27 club.

The rapper’s age came to be a warm topic of discussion after people stumbled upon old video clips that suggested Vert was mosting likely to die when he transformed 27. This news follows he celebrated his birthday on the 31st of July. Followers were encouraged that the rap artist was transforming 27 this year. In a tweet, Vert clarified he’s still just 26.

Lil Uzi Vert death rumors discovered

Social network has actually been swamped with videos that claim the rapper would certainly pass away at 27. Among the factors for this is that Vert had actually made a declaration in 2016, which had every person persuaded that he would certainly follow those who were a part of the 27 Club.

In the video clip, Vert states: “At age 27, I will leave this earth.”

Given that then, this bit of his interview has actually been used in several various other videos. At the same time, followers were encouraged the rapper was major when it was revealed he got a diamond implant on his forehead while risking his life.

With all the occasions straightening, followers assumed Vert could have been major in the interview.

Rap artist reacts to rumors

After being silent for several years, Vert finally damaged his silence in November 2020, when the video clip once again paved its way back onto social media sites.

He tweeted: “I let this choose as long I never said I was gon na pass away. Don’t you recognize leave this earth is a term for taking DMT. I assumed I was gon na really be just one of those High butt Ni ** s at 27… SAY NO TO DRUGS!!!!!”

At the exact same time, on July 28, Vert disclosed he was transforming 26 this year.

The rap artist tweeted: “Wait wtf I’m transforming 26??? My mommy discovered my birth certification. 26 as well as I feel great.”

What is 27 Club?

The 27 Club consists of a list of popular artists that have died at the age of 27. The term arrived after Kurt Cobain’s fatality in 1994, as reported by. A number of followers noted that famous stars like Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Brian Jones amongst others also died at 27.

In 2011, this trend caught even more interest after Amy Winehouse died at the very same age. Vert’s name was dragged right into the debate due to his snippet from the interview. His newest remarks reject his link to the 27 club.

In other news,

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