After spending many of the past 2 years shrouded in secret, the upcoming follow up to 2018’s God of War finally made an appearance at today’s PlayStation Display. This is our very first consider the game, as a previous teaser trailer with no real video was all we needed to go on. As well as– shock! As fans had long speculated, the game is really called God of Battle: Ragnarok.The trailer reveals us

Kratos still fathering his currently a little older son Atreus. They ride a quick dogsled, sail a boat, experience a few acquainted dwarves, and look down an unseen adversary sporting an enchanting hammer. My cash’s on Thor. (A post-showcase interview verified that it is, undoubtedly, Thor.)

That same post-showcase interview additionally revealed that Eric Williams is taking care of guiding responsibilities on Ragnarok after Cory Barlog guided the 2018 game, in a longstanding studio custom of altering supervisors from game to game on the series.

The follow up proceeds the narrative arc for Kratos which was very first developed in Sony Santa Monica’s blockbuster revival of the classic PlayStation franchise business. In a strong departure for the collection, the 2018 God of Battle took Kratos out of the realm of Greek mythology where he dwelled for so long, putting him rather in a snowy globe of Norse gods and also beasts as well as giving him a kid, leading some to provide this new incarnation of Kratos the nickname Father of War.That game

saw Kratos and his child Atreus journeying via Midgard, beleaguered on their trips by Baldur as well as other figures from Norse misconception and mythology. The ending, in which an unexpected discovery is made concerning Atreus, clearly established a sequel.We initially obtained verification that such a follow up was in the works from a revealed at a PlayStation occasion in 2015. Because trailer, a variety of runes appear, which fans quickly deciphered as spelling “Ragnarok,” a catastrophic collection of occasions in Norse misconception which consist of international floodings, various other all-natural disasters, and the fatalities of countless gods. We after that listen to Kratos say, “You need to prepare on your own,” as the expression “Ragnarok Is Coming” shows up onscreen in plain ol’ English. As an outcome, the sequel has actually widely been described as God of Battle: Ragnarok, though up until currently, no main title had actually been confirmed.G/ O Media might get

a commission

– Fee your phone and watch at the same time

– Wide compatibility with phones and watches

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That intro likewise showed a 2021 release date. Nevertheless, in June, Sony Santa Monica which recognized the difficulties of the covid-19 pandemic as well as announced that the follow up was delayed.It read in component,”

We remain concentrated on delivering a top-quality game while preserving the security as well as wellbeing of our group, innovative companions, and family members. With this in mind, we’ve decided to change our launch home window to 2022. “

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