won’t make its designated release date. Developer DICE announced Wednesday that the video game has been postponed until Nov. 19, almost a month after its initially planned release day of Oct. 22.

, DICE general manager Oskar Gabrielson clarified that the delay was mainly as a result of the obstacles of working from house throughout the pandemic.

“Building the following generation of Field of battle during a global pandemic has developed unpredicted difficulties for our growth groups,” Gabrielson said in a statement additionally credited to the Field of battle 2042 development group. “Provided the range as well as extent of the video game, we had wished our group would be back in our workshops with each other as we move towards launch. With the continuous conditions not permitting that to happen securely, as well as with all the effort the groups are doing from residence, we feel it is important to take the added time to provide on the vision of Combat zone 2042 for our gamers.”

While information of the delay might be unsatisfactory for all included, Gabrielson additionally claimed that DICE will certainly have even more information on the video game’s open beta at some point later on this month.

was introduced in June and also will certainly be an all-multiplayer venture into the near future. The game will certainly include primarily modern-day weapons and automobiles, with a couple of advanced twists, along with gizmos developed to make fights extra interesting. Obviously, it will additionally feature the Battlefield collection’ trademark game layout components of large maps and also environmental devastation.

The new Battlefield game will also include a brand-new mode called, which will permit players to create their very own special changes to maps and game kinds, crafting something entirely new to show to the neighborhood.

While 2042‘s original release day of Oct. 22 would have placed it as the first huge multiplayer shooter of the autumn, it’s now in a somewhat extra difficult placement. The game’s brand-new release day places it straight in between Telephone call of Duty: Lead, which is readied to release on Nov. 5, and Halo Infinite, which is arranged for Dec. 8.

Battleground 2042 is readied to come to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows COMPUTER, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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