is doing OK after being from an old building with a breaking down staircase.The nation star, 66

, was just one of 7 people saved from a historical structure in Oklahoma after a staircase fell down Tuesday, leaving them momentarily caught on the 2nd floor of a three-story building, City of Atoka Emergency Situation Administration Director Travis Mullins verified to U.S.A. TODAY.According to Mullins, the regional fire division made use of a ladder to help those that were caught and aid them to security, which was shown in a video gotten by. No person was hospitalized from the case. McEntire comforted fans that she and her team, who

were touring the archaeological site, were safe adhering to the accident.”Thankfully, no person was seriously hurt.

We were securely left from the structure many thanks to the fast reaction from the Atoka fire and also authorities departments,”she said in a statement to USA TODAY. In 2014, McEntire revealed she was dating actor Rex

Linn during. Linn, 64, played Frank Tripp on”CSI: Miami “from 2003 to 2012 as well as

has shown up on”Better Call Saul “since 2016 and on”Young Sheldon”given that 2017. According to McEntire, she and also the actor went out for supper in January, prior to lockdown orders began taking hold throughout the nation in following months.”It’s good to have an individual to chat to, laugh with, get involved in topics regarding what’s taking place, discussions concerning our past, our household, funny stories, him being an actor, me being an actress, “she stated at the time.”He’s extremely into my songs. I’m very into his job. It’s simply terrific getting to chat to somebody that I find really fascinating, uproarious, extremely smart as well as is interested in me, also.”The singer included that she’s expecting what the future has in shop for her as well as Linn.

“Whatever occurs in the future, now, we’re extremely secure, and it’s been a good 6 months, and also I eagerly anticipate having much more points to look ahead to, “she said.Contributing: Charles Trepany

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