The drama weaves with each other three parallel life courses– registered nurse, cop, rock star– for Joe Kimbreau, an indecisive New Yorker played by James Wolk.

September 20, 2021 3:40 pm.

For the terminally indecisive,’s Ordinary Joe needs to be either the most or the least enticing facility ever formulated for a TELEVISION program. On the one hand, the hourlong dramatization presumes that a solitary decision as relatively inconsequential as that to get dinner with on a given evening can set the course for the remainder of an individual’s life. On the other, it recommends there are no real right or incorrect solutions– which, all the same, the destinies have a way of returning to the exact same people, the exact same plots, the exact same fret about job and romance as well as being a parent and also the exact same sincere themes regarding the appeal and also unpredictability of life.

It’s tough to tell, in the very first 2 episodes offered to doubters for testimonial, where any of this is headed in the long run. However, for the time being, the collection lands in the pleasant place where it’s just out-there sufficient to attract curiosity, and also yet familiar enough to qualify as comfort watching.

The Base Line

Wobbly but winning, thanks to’s unlimited charm.

Airdate: Monday, Sept. 20

Cast: James Wolk, Natalie Martinez, Elizabeth Lail, Charlie Barnett, Anne Ramsay, David Warshofsky, Kai A. Ealy, John Gluck, Adam Rodriguez

Maker: Matt Reeves

Developed by: Russel Close Friend and also Garrett Lerner

The regular Joe of Ordinary Joe is Joe Kimbreau (James Wolk), that finishes from university in the initial episode and also without delay discovers himself with 3 choices for what to do with the rest of his day: He can come close to Amy (Natalie Martinez), a charming schoolmate he just fulfilled, and also request for a date; he can comply with Jenny (Elizabeth Lail), his buddy with benefits, to the beach to have a conversation; or he can meet his family, that includes his law enforcement officer uncle Frank (David Warshofsky), to commemorate.

At this point, an affordable individual in the real life may explain that it is, in reality, extremely possible for someone to accomplish all three throughout a night. Ordinary Joe abides by TELEVISION reasoning, so the timeline fractures into three identical paths that lead Joe to three drastically different however equally TV-friendly occupations. 10 years later on, the Joe who sought Amy is wed to her and delighting in an excellent profession as a rock star. The Joe who discovered Jenny is wed to her as well as they have a boy (Chris, played by John Gluck), and Joe is burning the candle at both ends as a registered nurse on the night change. And the Joe who chose his household is a cop that’s still solitary, yet hasn’t forgotten either Amy or Jenny despite having actually lost touch with both years ago.

It’s a lot of foundation to lay down prior to the plot can start, as well as the collection sometimes battles under the weight. The pilot opens up with tacky narration from Joe reviewing Robert Frost’s “The Roadway Not Taken,” which is exactly as “university application essay” as it seems. (In Joe’s point of view, Frost had it simple because he found only 2 roads diverged in a wood– instead of three on an university quad, I presume.) The following episode thankfully shuns the voiceover, however sticks with a sentimentality that wobbles between sweet and also saccharine. And also with crisp editing as well as shade coding, the timelines can become complicated, resulting in scenes where it takes a min to bear in mind what Amy depends on in this timeline versus that one, or ones where it seems briefly like 2 different versions of Joe could face each other at the hospital.

Ordinary Joe isn’t that sort of program. He’s Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors, not Loki in. Everything works all right in the meantime, in big part since Wolk makes for such an eminently likable lead. It’s as if the TV gods, recognizing how many go-nowhere leading-man TV duties Wolk has actually sustained, have determined to throw him 3 even more opportunities at once, as well as he absolutely makes the most of them. Wolk uses Joe’s 3 personalities like old preferred t shirts: worn in, comfortable, lovely in their blemishes. And also he shares such obliging chemistry with all his co-stars– particularly Charlie Barnett as Joe’s childhood BFF Eric, who balances Joe’s bashful uncertainty with ironical humor and a take-charge perspective– that it comes to be easy to think all these individuals would certainly be predestined to stay in one another’s orbit.

In its initial two episodes, the collection does an admirable work of balancing compassion as well as interest across all three timelines; not also the glamour of a rock-star way of living appears to outweigh the more based dilemmas that Joe encounters throughout all three courses, like the push-pull between family as well as profession. It has yet to use the same level of agency to its various other personalities, that so far are dealt with not as individuals in charge of their own adventures however as mere devices in Joe’s. Their relative degrees of happiness and also specialist success appear determined completely by the selection he made a years earlier.

However, it’s very early days yet for the collection, and it’s possible to construct lots of different paths Regular Joe can drop from below– some toward unpleasant plotting or an oversupply of sappiness, others towards enthusiastic stories that get to something significant regarding destiny and totally free will, and also lots of that come under that in-between area of solid ideas that at some point shed their means. However if the draw of Ordinary Joe is being familiar with how all three of his alternatives play out (a benefit not even afforded to Joe himself, provided that each Joe is stuck on whichever path he chose), component of the enjoyable of viewing it is having no concept what follows, and making the selection to linger and also figure out.

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