Collect ’round, film fans, as there is now a full-on honest-to-christ HD trailer for s Licorice Pizza for you to take pleasure in if you haven’t already seen it either in movie theaters (on 35mm movie) or saw it on whatever pirated bullshit hit the web last week. As well as hell, maybe you need to view this if you watched 240p shit on YouTube. It most definitely looks means, means far better virtually today. If you do click play, we can currently tell you that you’re mosting likely to have “Life on Mars?” embeded your head for the remainder of the day, and there are lots of even worse destinies than that.

Peep it:

Here’s a synopsis, though if you’ve been complying with PTA’s career for a while now, you ought to recognize not to expect as well a lot from it. What can we state, the man is an advocate for referred to as little as fucking possible concerning a motion picture before you go into the cinema, so he’s not gon na give you shit when it comes to information. Anyway:

“‘Licorice Pizza’ is the tale of Alana Kane as well as Gary Valentine growing up, running around and also dropping in love in the San Fernando Valley, 1973. Composed and Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, the film tracks the treacherous navigation of first love.”

Licorice Pizza hits theaters on November 26, which will certainly produce some rather wonderful Thanksgiving viewing if you’re fortunate to be living close sufficient to a cinema that’s playing it as well as you’ve currently seen House of Gucci with the fam. To be clear, currently that we have actually heard the title (and also yes, we understand it was a document store chain in Southern Cali back in the day), we’re kind of curious concerning in fact attempting licorice pizza. We make sure some Scandanavian has already place several of that sweet anise covered in salt in addition to some grody dollar pizza, and it’s most likely pretty … alright? If you like sardines on your pizza, that is.

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