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Empiryx is a one-stop shop committed to providing ground-breaking, revolutionary
technical solutions that make use of a lean projects methodology and a special workforce
chain of hiring.

After working in the technology field for many years, we came to the conclusion that the ecosystem of technological solutions currently in place was ill-equipped to meet the demands of startups with tight budgets and time constraints.
We came to the conclusion that there was a need for someone to step in and offer quick, inexpensive, high-quality solutions. That someone was Empiryx.

Empiryx Technologies uses the least amount of resources possible to give you the best technology solutions possible for the money.
In order to do this, we choose the technological approach best suited to the project’s requirements, making sure it allows for long-term, affordable maintenance as well as the possibility of later scaling up expansion.

Our chain for recruiting new employees is crucial to our work. We keep a dedicated team in India that enables quick, effective, and widespread hiring that meets our demands for each project. Candidates go through a Fourth All-style four-stage selection process.

1. Sorting based on dependability and communicative prowess
2. Sorting based on results from tests of reasoning and originality
3. professional testing in practise
4. a project manager from Israel put their skills to the test in practise.
Candidate assignments to your projects take place only when the four steps have been finished.

With this strategy, we are able to call upon an endless pool of talent to work on projects as they come in, giving you and us the best of both worlds: a core professional staff of experienced workers, as well as highly skilled but reasonably priced “reservists” who are committed to taking on any project you may have in mind and bringing original, innovative ideas that are moderated by the project leader.
This implies that you, the customer, will always receive the finest solution on time.

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